10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane

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Marketing strategy and ARG viral campaign

Fake website for Tagruato Inc. to promote an extensive ARG wormhole experience

The viral campaign my team curated made big waves online, being sited on several websites, fansites, Reddit, etc...

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Here is a link to a PDF file that shows an in depth breakdown of the ARG experience my team was responsible for, working hand in hand with Bad Robot and JJ Abrams team.

On this page you will see a video breakdown of the end of a very complex long lead ARG / scavenger hunt unfolding in realtime as the winner filmed his experience. I personally hand picked all of the content of that box, the ammo box itself, and the handwritten note inside of it. We then seeded out coordinates in various forms of media for users to decode. Once decoded, the coordinates would have led them to a farm in Louisiana where they would have to dig up the buried box we planted at ground zero. Inside the box were several survival items.

One of the items included was a USB drive that had an audio recording on it. My team was also VERY hands on with the recording of the content on this drive which can be heard in the below video.

I had the pleasure of using some old synthesizers of my own to create some alien radio interference to be used in the ARG audio file.

Sound designing for   J.J. Abrams'     10 Cloverfield Lane   viral marketing campaign.

Sound designing for J.J. Abrams' 10 Cloverfield Lane viral marketing campaign.

The contents of the Survival "Prepper" Kit I assembled for Bad Robot.